Type of Data


Description of data

Name, Address, Phone Number.

Employee responsible

Michelle Cureton

Date of consent to hold data


Where the data is stored

Units 52-54 Farriers Way Ind Estate, Netherton, Liverpool, L30 4XL

Source of the data

The Customer

Purpose of the data

Personal details for the repair of the customers products to enable us to contact the customer and invoice them appropriately.

How the data is protected in its storage

Secure locked unit.

Usage restrictions

Data accessible to 2 company directors only.

Usage rights

Data will be used as part of our accounting system and legal obligations as a Ltd company.

Usage frequency

Once during the repair and then stored within the accounts.

Retention period

Repair job card is retained for the 3 months of the warranty period of the repair and then will be shredded.

Invoices are retained for 6 years as a legal requirement of Ltd company Accounting.



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